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Real Sudoku
– A pleasant Sudoku experience on your Android device! Download it now, Free Sudoku for Android

High-tier Sudoku puzzle design now for Android Sudoku is a highly popular game, and there are over 100 different free Sudoku games for Android. But it’s hard to find polished, well designed Sudoku games with real unique solutions for each board.
Real Sudoku bridges that gap on iOS for two years, and now is coming to Android – and, of course, also for free!

The game has 5 difficulty levels: from Easy to Tournament, with 600 unique boards total, providing over 200 hours of gameplay experience, either you are a novice or a master Sudoku player.

For those who love puzzle games and still don’t know what Sudoku is, the rules are simple: it contains a board with 9 x 9 squares, where you have to add digits (1 to 9) to each square not being able to repeat the same digit on the same row, column or region. To make the gameplay unique, each board comes with some numbers already hard-written, and you have to type the missing digits.

The rules are simple, and you will see the time fly as you play. Download it to try if you are tired of low quality Sudoku games – it’s free.

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