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A new puzzle style for lovers of Sudoku or crossword!

Real Kakuro is like a crossword, but with numbers instead of letters. It’s a logic challenge, where a total number sum is shown, and you have to break it into the digits (from 1 to 9) to form a “word”. But similarly to Sudoku, you can’t repeat numbers on the same row or column.

The rules are as simple as crosswords, but the difficulty lies on the configuration of the boards: from Easy to Extreme. If you’re new, check the How To Play section and then play an Easy board.

Kakuro isn’t as famous as Sudoku, but is rapidly gaining popularity due to the flexibility of its boards.
Each board needs an unique strategy, unlike Sudoku which is played every time on the same board.

Real Kakuro is the most popular free kakuro game on iOS, with an almost perfect rating (4.5 stars) due to, according to the reviews, being an extremely pleasant game with highly polished graphics and interface – now this iOS challenge comes to Android!

Just download and try – it’s free and comes with 1000 unique boards.

real kakuro mobile

Kakuro mobile game

kakuro mobile game

Mobile android game













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