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Download HearthSone: Heroes of Warcraft in your PC, iPad and Mac.

HearthStone designed by Blizzard, mix the classic card games with humor and strategy!
The HearthStone heroes was inspired in the races of Warcraft and it´s free to play. You can use real money to buy deck´s and other stuffs if you want but you can do it just by playing, of course it will take it a little more time.

You can pick one of the four game modes available: Practice mode, Play mode, Duels and Arena:

Practice Mode

Practice mode allows players to do battle against a selection of computer opponents. Players can choose which class to play against, as well as one of two difficulty settings: basic and expert. Each opponent and difficulty setting features its own deck.

Basic opponents offer players a chance to learn the basics of the game, explore a new class, or prepare for battle in Play mode. Expert opponents offer a stiffer challenge, giving players the chance to try their hand against decks featuring higher rarity cards and specific plays.

Players can unlock and level heroes in Practice mode, making it the ideal mode for exploring a new class and acquiring its basic cards. The choice of opponent also allows players to focus on problem classes.

Play mode

Play mode matches players against other human players of similar skill, in random matches. Players can choose to play Casual ‘friendly’ games, or take part in Ranked play, earning ranks and special rewards to reflect their skill and standing within the community.

Play mode represents the standard mode of Hearthstone play. Play mode offers rewards in the form of the completion of daily quests, as well rewarding players with 10 gold for every 3 victories. Participation in Ranked play is also rewarded by earning special card backs and golden heroes.


The Arena offers a unique challenge, with players forging a new deck from a random selection of cards before using it to do battle in a series of games. A successful run in Arena can offer substantial rewards, including gold, Arcane Dust and card packs, but can be costly and difficult to achieve. Access to the Arena is purchased with gold or real money.

Unlike other game modes, the Arena does not use yours previously assembly deck, but one that is assembled at the start of that Arena run. Upon entering the Arena the player is given a random selection of 3 classes to choose one. Once a class has been chosen, the player is provided with 30 selections of 3 possible cards, choosing one – and only one – from each selection, slowly building a full deck. Unlike other decks, which are limited to 2 of each card, decks made in Arena may feature any number of the same card. As in any game mode, the strength of the deck constructed is a large part of achieving victory, but Arena’s randomized process offers players an additional challenge in anticipating the cards on offer.

Once a deck is constructed, the player is placed in a series of matched games using that deck, although the games do not have to be played all at once. Once the player has won 12 games, or lost 3, the Arena run is ended, and the player is offered a reward determined by their accomplishments that run. Players who do well can reap handsome rewards, but failing to achieve a good run can turn the Arena into an expensive gamble.


Players can also choose to challenge players on their friends list to Duels. These are outranked matches which offer few rewards, save the satisfaction of crushing your friends in combat.

A player can challenge to a Duel any friend, who may choose to accept or decline the challenge. Players can choose which deck to use, although their opponent will be none the wiser until battle begins.

HearthStone is available for Windows, Mac and iOS


5 tips to start being a legend on HearthStone

1. Meet the heroes

Each hero has a class and a hero power, an ability that can be used once per turn with a cost!

Hero NameClassPower
Malfurion StormrageDruidShapeShift
RexxarHunterSteady Shot
Uther LightbrinderPaladinReinforce
Anduin WrynnPriestLesser Heal
Jaina ProudmooreMageFireblast
Valeera SanguinarRogueDagger Mastery
ThrallShamanTotemic Call
Gul´danWarlockLife Tap
GarroshWarriorArmor Up
* Lord Jaraxxus can be summoned via Card


2. Complete the daily missions

Everyday has a different mission with different reward. It´s the easy way to get Gold and join the Arena to win deck´s and cards.


3. Check your deck

There are 2 reasons to check your deck constantly, first is how better you know your deck, better you will play! And second, you will win cards all the time, thought arenas and opening decks, you should keep you deck balanced and improving it based on the results of your plays.

4. Build your deck carefully

When you are building your deck, keep in mind how to defeat your opponent. Which card combines with witch card. How to destroy your enemy if he´s a mage, hunter, warlock etc. Keep it balanced!

5. Be patience

Don´t throw all your possibilities in the same hand, don´t over buff a card, it can be easily destroyed. Keep in mind that the next round your enemy plays and he has a lot of possibilities so you´ll need to keep your hand safe.
Try to think as your opponent. “If i throw this card what he can do?”, think different of what is expected. Trap your enemy on your cards. Defeat him!



To download HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft for iPAD or Mac, please visit: https://us.battle.net/account/download/?show=hearthstone&style=hearthstone

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