Download Raidcall

Download Raidcall




If you want a software to talk with your team, train our team plays or even chat, you need to download raidcall! It´s free voice solution, very tiny and with an spectacular structure to decrease the latency and don´t make any interference on your games / bandwidth.

Raidcall has a little bit over 2MB and it´s UDP, it means, the audio goes to a server and then is distributed to others in the same room/channel. Basically, it use less bandwidth and delivery a very clear audio.
There is 2 modes available on Raid Call. The push-to-talk and the Free-to-talk, also it can be used for streaming, direct communications with you Guild or team, text chat, share files with your friends and teams and you can find groups of interests to join like sports, movies, concerts etc.

RaidCall is available for Windows and Mac in more than 10 languges, including English, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish and more. Download it now and enjoy a new experience in your games.

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