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Daemons Tools Lite


DAEMONS Tools Lite

Your easy to use virtual CD / DVD

Many of the currently  notebooks no longer comes with CD or DVD drives. The tool that was mandatory item until a few years ago, today became secondary thanks to USB sticks, memory cards and external hard drives with ever increasing capabilities.


However, you never know when you need to run a file originating from an external media. DAEMON Tools is a program that emulates a CD and DVD drives for you to perform image files without having to install them on your computer.

Why do you need to emulate using Daemon Tools Lite?

Economy: You will not spend buying CDs or DVDs, and take too long to be written, with time can spoil and make the data inaccessible within them money;
Speed: the time it takes for the player to play the CD, for example, is often greater than the HD takes to read a file, thus rotating disk is an image of, for example, much faster to play games;
Security: you do not run the risk of scratching or wearing your favorite discs and lose thereby content.

Daemon Tools is compatible with disk images in the ISO format, CUE / BIN, CCD (CloneCD), BWT, MDS, CDI, NRG (NERO), PDI, B5T, B6T, BWT and MDX.

Emulating image files

Click with the right mouse button on the icon of DAEMON Tools in the System tray, you will have access to a menu from which you see the image files on your system. To do this, position the mouse cursor over “Virtual CD / DVD-Rom”, then “Virtual Devices”. Finally, select the desired device (if more than one) and then choose “Mount Image …”.

A new window opens for you to find on your computer the image files in various formats. The “drag and drop” feature lets you drag files from anywhere within the program interface.


Daemon Tools for Games

You can use Daemon Tools to:

  • Keep track of the disc image usage statistic
  • Find out Top 100 most popular images
  • Search other discs similar to yours
  • Search for disc images that you are missing

Also, you can use a Feature called Daemon Tools Game Space for browsing the most relevant game play videos and much more.



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