Brazil Comic Con 2014

Br comic con 2014

Yes, they have bananas! Hosting a World Cup and now, for the second year a Comic Con.

Brasil Comic Con 2014 – 15th and 16th of November

Local: Centro de eventos PRO MAGNO
Avenida Professora Ida Kolb, 513, Casa Verde – São Paulo – MAP

After a great success on the first Brasil Comic Con, the event fly high and soar in the air with a SOLO edition. Brave!

Guests announced for Brazil Comic Con 2014

Mike Deodato Jr – One of Deodato’s first works was a 1993 photo-realistic comic book adaptation of the television series Beauty and the Beast published by Innovation Publishing. Deodato became famous in the North American comic book industry for his work with writer William Messner-Loebs on Wonder Woman. After his Wonder Woman project he had a short stint as the penciller of The Mighty Thor, where he worked with writer Warren Ellis, and later drew Glory for Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios at Image Comics and Maximum Press… Read more about him!

Will Conrad – Will Conrad is the most successful Brazilian artists abroad, enshrined in superhero comics industry, having worked for large American publishers like Dynamite, Marvel, Dark Horse, Top Cow and DC.

Michael Golden – He is an American comic book artist and writer best known for his late-1970´s work on Marvel Comic´s  The Micronauts, as well as his co-creation of the characters Rogue and Bucky O’Hare.
His work is known to have influenced the style of artist Arthur Adams… Read more!

Arthur Suydam – An American comic book artist and musician. He has done artwork for magazines including Heavy MetalEpic Illustrated and National Lampoon, while his comic book work includes Batman,ConanTarzanPredatorAliensDeath Dealer, and Marvel Zombies... Check him out!

James O’Barr  – Is an American graphic artist, best known as the creator of the comic book series The CrowFly with him!

Rodney Ramos – Is a Brazilian illustrator who magic left your traits at Thundercats, What If, Conan, Gambit and others.

Renée Witterstaetter – Writer, editor, producer and publisher Renee Witterstaetter first worked in comics on Superman at DC Comics and Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian and Conan Saga at Marvel… More!

Luciano Queiroz – a.K.a Luke Ross  is a comic artist known for his work on books such as Gen13Spider-ManGreen LanternIndiana Jones and Captain America Here!

Flávio Luiz – Writer, editor and graphic artist, best known as the creator of O Capoeirista, O Cabra, Aú, Rota 66 and others!

Frank Martin Jr – Is a Brazilian illustrator and a graphic artist.

Raphael Fernandes – Is a Brazilian editor and writer.

Deodato Borges – Is a Brazilian writter, best known as the creator of  “As aventuras de Flama”.


Also, 3 personalities are confirmed to go to Brasil Comic Con 2014, they are:

Paul Zaloom from Beakman´s World

Cassandra Petersson better known for her portrayal of Elvira – The mistress of the dark!

Takumi Tsuitsui, also better known as Jiraiya!


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