play browser game ballistic


The context of Ballistic is very simple: there are two factions, the MFA and the Smokes, who are at war against each other.
MFA is represented by the color blue, to resemble more traditional shock troops of the police or army. The Smokes, are represented by red, exhibit characteristics typical of commands and other military factions.


There are three possible modes of game in Ballistic:
Death Match:
– Is the most traditional mode in FPS´s: two teams make points by killing as many enemies in a given time limit.

– The propose is to capture and defend different areas on the map;

King of the Hil
– Provides a space in the middle of the arena where the two teams must play for their supremacy, scoring points for their stay in this location.

Ballistic is the best game of first-person shooter available for browsers. The experience of playing it is so intense that you get surprised all the time remembering that the game is running on your Facebook.

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