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Download AVG free edition and use the following free features:


Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware
Link Protection
Scans web, Twitter ®, & Facebook ® links
File Shredder
Securely deletes files to prevent snooping


Besides being free and one of the world’s most downloaded antivirus, you can still count with a very fast and efficiently scan, almost does not change the performance of your computer and it´s also available for you mobile devices.
After completing the installation, the program automatically starts updating the database. Although the procedure may take a few moments, it is essential to be completed to ensure the safety of your computer. Upon entering the application, the main screen opens, showing both the antivirus modules available as the tool’s integrated of the security company.


Analysis by virus can be performed from the home screen, as mentioned by clicking the “Check Now”. Then, the full crawl starts immediately and you can follow the progress of the operation on the screen itself.

The program offers three types of verification for the system. You can choose the option “Scan whole computer” to do deep analysis of the machine. This procedure usually takes a little longer, but it’s worth running it from time to time to ensure the safety of your hard drive.

The second alternative, “Check files or folders” is the custom analysis, in which you can only scan specific directories. Finally, if you use the “Scan for rootkits on the computer,” the check is directed to such threats, covering the entire filesystem.

Regardless of the option chosen (with the exception of the second, in which one must choose to be checked), after clicking on the Process button, the analysis starts immediately. The progress of the operation can be monitored in real time by displaying a progress bar and the files that are being tracked.


Although the program rely on advanced settings, it comes ready for use. With this, both beginners and those with more advanced knowledge can be satisfied with the tool.

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